After giving a talk at uni this evening, I took the train a couple of stops to Circular Quay and just wandered around for a while. Whipping out my cameraphone to take a picture of a very colourful paddlewheel boat thingy, I just felt the urge to keep taking grainy, awful photos! It was fun though :)

Wandering around

The Rocks area is really pretty at night, kinda like wandering around Marina Bay in Singapore at night only with way more music and a bit more chewing gum on the footpath ;).

Grabbing an evening snack

Yes, Starbucks. I happen to like them. If you don’t, that’s great, exercise your free will and let others do the same :). They even gave me a free cranberry and vanilla muffin, and it was super tasty!

Catching the train home

In the late evenings CityRail usually only operates trains every fifteen minutes or so to the places you want to go, but fortunately by sheer chance I stepped onto the platform almost as soon as the train was due. Surprisingly, it was on time too!

I really do miss Singapore a great deal and hope to return there, but this birth country of mine is slowly growing on me again :)