Photo of my desk in 2005


Photo of my desk from 2005, with the below features

I found this old photo on an MMC card. Check it out, from right to left:

  1. Beige SCSI EPSON scanner
  2. Transparent Athlon tower
  3. Chip magazine poster, XP green hill background
  4. Iomega 120GB USB hard drive
  5. AT mini keyboard, with a PS/2 adaptor
  6. Palm Tungsten W smartphone
  7. 3rd gen 15GB iPod, with FireWire 400 cable
  8. Freebie mouse I got from a Western Digital trade show
  9. 19" VGA Philips LCD
  10. iBook G3, 800MHz
  11. MightyMinds Singapore map with pin showing our apartment (off camera)

The Athlon tower had my first DVD burner, and the 5.25" floppy drive from the first family computer. The iPod was also the last one with the real backlit touch buttons and scroll wheel, not the mechanical clickwheel they pushed later.

I wrote this post on Christmas on that iBook, on that desk. How much has changed.

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