People still use these things called pencils?


Pencil extension gadget

J-Walk, surprisingly the proprietor of The J-Walk Blog, posted an entry about a neat gadget that lets you use those tiny pencil stubs by sticking two of them together. This may have (nay, probably has) already been invented, but what about a longer gadget that you stick a short pencil stub onto the end of so you don't need two of them?

On a related note…

On a related note (wait, I just said that), this post has got me thinking just how little I use writing instruments at all anymore. This is not a joke, I am serious: when I took one of my required mathematics classes last year and broke out the pens to take notes for the first class (formulae are still very difficult to generate quickly on a computer) I couldn't remember how to write lowercase letters. Literally the only time in the last few years I had ever used a pen was for filling out immigration forms which require you to print in caps. That's it!

Pink ribbon Before my late mum got cancer she was a professional calligrapher for weddings and other major events, her writing was absolutely breathtaking. I remember back in primary school when she'd write our lunch orders on those brown paper bags to give to the tuckshop and often we'd get our lunch in a generic plastic bag because the tuckshop mums had kept the originals! Not only that, she could speak and write fluent Elvish — the language of the Elves from the Lord of the Rings — which when coupled with her penmanship was stunning.

When I can work up the courage to go through her belongings, I'll get some of work and scan it to show you all. She really was amazing.

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