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cobbzilla shared an article on Hacker News by Byrne Hobart titled Peak California. It’s hard to summarise in a brief blockquote, which speaks to how many ideas are contained within.

The same affordability points can be said of Sydney, though more for reasons in common with Vancouver than San Francisco. I also didn’t realise since going to the US again that Los Angeles is significantly cheaper than SF. The second biggest city in Australia is Melbourne, and it isn’t that much more affordable a place to escape to.

The thoughtfullness of the article makes me feel guilty that I wanted to say posting Peak California on Medium was a wry own goal. Kinda like writing a Top Ten Reasons for Disruptive Paradigms on LinkedIn, or a fact-free screed on why vaccinations cause thirteen toes on Facebook. Twitter would be a patronising troll asking why you’re sad about your fridge being broken, when you can just as easily buy frozen yogurt from a convenience store.

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