Swag from the Singapore PC Expo 2009


On my first day back in Singapore I went with my dad to catch the final day of the PC Show 2009 at Suntec. According to this article by ChannelNewsAsia over 1 million people went to the event over the four days it was run. Battling the ridiculous crowds I can believe it!

Of all the three floors we only made it through the first one, but I was able to pick up another external 1TB FireWire 400 drive for SG$124. I have an identical drive and would love to get a RAID setup with ZFS on both.

What I didn't expect to get though was a tough external hard drive carrying case for SG$45. It has a tough outside shell which protects the fragile spinning whatnot inside from sudden impacts and a second compartment for all the required power and data cables. I have far too much data I need to constantly fly between Adelaide and Singapore with on several large drives so this bag is perfect!

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