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This DSL internet connection we have in this shared house is slowly destroying my hairline. It's TPG 1.5mbit ADSL and the modem connects to it for roughly 20 to 30 minutes before it decides to disconnect. Sometimes its more like every 5 minutes. I any event I'm ready to throw it out the window!!!

Status shown on modem's internal configuration page

And now I've clicked Connect and 10 minutes have past. So I thought I'd reconnect to the modem to see if it had worked:

Trying to connect to the modem's internal configuration page!

Ha! That's classic! Excuse me while I rip some more hair out. No wait, hitting refresh, I'm back at the modem setup again:

Status shown on modem's internal configuration page… AGAIN

So the DSL is up, the downstream/upstream speeds have been established and I have DNS server references, but STILL no IP address and therefore vis a vis ergo wysiwyg its still not connected. Brilliant.

I would be more enthusiastic, however the fact that I do this dance with this internet connection about 3 times an hour… I want my Starhub MaxOnline 8mbit connection back! Hopefully if you're reading this though, I've managed to upload it and therefore vis a vis ergo wysiwyg we have internet again. Here's me hoping.

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