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This morning I got the following email offering me the opportunity to create paid posts. Aside from the fact I would never agree to do it unless I'd be allowed to explicitly say I was paid to create a post, it looks a tad suspicious to me. Whaddya thing?

Dear Ruben,

As part of expanding our [redacted], we search the net for high quality blogs and gifted web writes. I’ve visited your website and read some of your recent posts, including Back at KLIA at night again, virtually.

Ruben, you definitely have a unique and interesting writing style and an intriguing high quality blog. Since you and your blog meet our quality guidelines, we would like to offer you to join to our unique and highly rewarding program.

About the program – The program links our customers with gifted writers like you and pays them for writing short articles. You already do that, so I’m sure you will be happy to be rewarded for your talent. We do not ask nor expect you to write ads; rather, we give you complete writing freedom and appreciate your creativity and imagination.

I hope you find the concept of our program interesting, and would be happy to provide you more information about it. Please email me back and in the mean time feel free to visit our website [redacted]

If this email does not interest you, I apologize and I will not contact you again.

Sincerely, [redacted]