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Don't read this post, it's completely pointless.

Remember when I said we were trying to get rid of crap? During our last family move we had over 700 boxes plus 80 in two self storage lockers. On this latest move we cleared out all the storage and combined have just shy of 380. Some of it was my mum's stuff, but a lot of it was just junk we never used. For example, we had nine scanners. Jebus.

I think we could have got rid of even more but time was against us; I figure when we arrive at the new place we can keep getting rid of crap. The money we're going to save from renting a smaller place to not needing extra storage will go a long way.

Anyway the packers are about to turn off the router, so better go. Tethered iTelephone to the rescue!

While we're on the subject, isn't it pathetic that I get more data on my phone in Singapore than I do on home net connections in Australia? We transferred hundreds of gigabytes of data this month on our home internet connection at full speed: movies, persistent VPN connections, other tunnels to control systems, online games, music… and certain Aussies keep telling me throttling is necessary and you only need a few gig a day. Wonder how many fat cheques they're getting from the NBN folks and the ISPs to astroturf for them? ;).

Ugh I haven't had more than three hours sleep a night for a week. Perhaps I should seek out one of those panda eye remedy things they always advertise on the sides of buses here.

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