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It seems once again I’ve started a mini-series of posts here completely by random chance! This is opposed to certain chance where the outcome has already been determined and you know what it’s going to be. Does that still make it chance? What a superfluous introduction.

Shortly after I posted my review of LivingSocial’s Facebook application which lets you pick five of your favourite items from lists such as movies, shows, cars and the like, the team introduced a slew of changes and improvements. I was even fortunate enough to get a comment posted here by Adam from the site and @LivingSocial started following me on Twitter. I still find it ironic that a free site like theirs has better customer service than some sites I pay for (certain webhosts, I’m looking at you!)

Since my review they’ve polished up the user interface of their application too

In the comment Adam mentioned that in the future it may be possible to access LivingSocial’s catalogue and our Top Five lists from sites other than Facebook which puts my mind at ease. Sites like Facebook still make me a bit uneasy because given they’re a gated community external sites can’t access material, and there’s no guarantee even you’ll be able to access your content in the future for free if they started charging, for example.

I was also informed on Twitter that my major gripe with LivingSocial’s Top Five lists was solved: it is now possible to delete older lists you’ve either changed your mind on or made a mistake on. This is big news and I applaud them for listening to their users!

The new Delete link under each list

As for new features, they’ve expanded their list of available categories to include Hot Sauces, very cool!

They’ve also slightly modified the way lists are presented; instead of being a generic list of five favourite items, each list is now numerically ordered which implies we now rank items in our lists from favourite to least favourite. This doesn’t affect lists we’ve made before where we may not have been thinking about the order of items, a good consideration.

I look forward to seeing what else these people have up their sleeve :).

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