My top five favourite British TV shows, part two


My top 5 favourite British comedies!
The original list from yesterday

As it turns out, shortly after I compiled my list of Favourite British Comedies yesterday I realised I had left some critical shows out which caused me once again to bang my head repeatedly on the table in front of me, causing me further stress.

I have rectified the situation by creating a part two list, which I’m sure is cheating! So that I could include other types of shows and not just comedies I called this list Favourite British TV Shows, Part Two.

My top 5 favourite British comedies!
The cheating, second top 5 list

  • Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister
  • Midsomer Murders (I’ve read the books too)
  • Jeeves and Wooster (brilliant! And I’ve read the books too)
  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie
  • SuperTed (the memories…!)

I read on Google Reader that Kelli hadn’t heard of most of the shows I’d listed; I’ve been told that British TV shows are much less popular and well known in the US than in Australia. For me, on the whole I find British shows to be more realistic, more subtle and wittier than shows made in the US, with the notable exception of gems like Arrested Development, M*A*S*H and Boston Legal. If you’ve never seen any before, you’re missing out on a real treat.

In fact, I reckon I can think of more to fill a third list. I don’t have time to be doing this stuff, but it’s just too much fun! Maybe next I need to do a British Drama or Detective list.

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