The day Singapore internet radio died


Class 95FM
Class 95FM in Singapore, one of the stations I tuned into on a regular basis from Adelaide

Back on the 11th of this month I wrote a post talking about the coming demise of Singapore internet radio. It was even picked up by SingaporeSurf, a Singapore news aggregation site studiously run and maintained by Heng-Cheong Leong:

Is It RIP For Singapore Internet Radio? Probably.
by Rubenerd

I’m going to be blunt, it’s for the same reason why internet radio has been stifled so many times in the US: arrogant old media authorities who pretend to be working in the interests of artists and the public when in fact they’re trying to milk their dying cash cows for all they’re worth and crush new technologies that could be percieved as a threat.

Icon from the Tango Desktop projectWell according to Channel News Asia again, Tuesday was the official last day of streaming Singapore internet radio. No more will I or Jacky who commented on my previous post will be able to listen to Singapore radio from overseas to keep ourselves up to date with goings on back home.

I guess it’s always the case that people feel more strongly when issues affect them personally; in this case I’ve personally been bitten by greedy old media companies for the second time in my life, and to put it bluntly it’s made me mad.

Pardon my French, but to said greedy media companies: bite me.

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