1234 posts being reported

Well there you go dear readers, it seems despite my obsessive obsession (yes, my obsessive obsession) with celebrating pointless milestones I completely missed one that happened recently here that potentially will not be repeated in a very long time.

Despite WordPress assigning it the ID of 3912, the previous post here on the Rubenerd Blog was post number 1234! If you represented this as a five digit number, it would be 01234 which coincidently is also an ascending string of consecutive numbers. Unfortunately if you tried to do this again by adding -1 to make it -101234 it no longer works; you were probably already smart enough to figure this out. "Probably" and "already" both end in "y".

ASIDE: I can’t believe my post 1234 was about Facebook of all things!

The next time we’ll be able to celebrate a pointless milestone like this will be post 12345, a whopping 11111 posts away from now. I can hear you all breathing a sigh of relief already!

Happy 1234 everybody, don’t party too hard!