Reattributing authors in WordPress


Deleting a user in WordPress 2.7.1

For a period of time in 2006 I had automagically create posts here each day containing all the links I had bookmarked with their service; for security and to make it easier for myself I created a separate WordPress author for it to publish under.

ASIDE: Interested in what I was bookmarking back in 2006? All these posts were filed under the category here. Lots of memories and broken links already ^_^.

I long since decided to turn this feature off because I figured if people wanted to see my links they could just subscribe to it’s RSS feed. This means for several years I’ve had a dormant author. I’ve read problems with authors have been responsible for some problems with exporting WordPress WXR/RSS feeds, so I decided to delete it and attribute the posts to myself instead.

One of the last delicious exported posts

The steps to do this seemed simple enough, but I was a bit nervous about the second step! I can confirm though that this works in WordPress 2.7.1.

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click Users
  2. Hover your mouse over the user you want to delete and click Delete. In my case it’s the aptly named user.
  3. Before the user is deleted you’ll be prompted for the other user you want to transfer authorship of their posts to. In my case, I’m transferring over to Admin.

A part of me was sad to delete something created all the way back in 2006, even if it was something trivial like an author on a blog. I reckon my life peaked around then, everything since has been a steep downward slope. Mid-life crisis at 23?

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