A wordle of words from this post because I couldn't think of any other accompanying picture to use!

I just noticed that despite WordPress assigning this post the ID of 3892, this is in fact Rubenerd Blog post number 1221. This is a ground-breaking milestone given the number 1221 is a palindromic number, meaning of course it can be read the same way backwards. The next time this will happen here will be post 1881. Seriously, try and find an earlier number that’s palindromic… it just can’t be done.

Icon from the Tango Desktop projectBut getting back to the magical number of 1221, we can prove it’s palindromic by spelling it out in English.

One thousand, two hundred and twenty one

If we were to spell this backwards, it would be this:

eno ytnewt dna derdnuh owt, dnasuoht enO

As you can see, this number comes out exactly the same when read backwards. Aren’t palindromic numbers amazing?!

I just noticed that lightbulb icon isn’t turned on.