Can Simoleons be exchanged on the forex market?

Elke's sim from The Sims 2 earning 50,000 Simoleons

My sister this afternoon would like to inform you that her sim in The Sims 2 just earned 50,000 Simoleons from her job as a Mad Scientist. I had to temporarily relinquish control of my MacBook Pro for her to play that game, but I’m glad it wasn’t in vein!

The question on my mind is: can you convert Simoleons into Aussie or Singapore Dollars by any chance? What’s the going price for a Simoleon? Wait, don’t answer that, I’ll just fantasise for a bit longer. A new 17 inch MacBook Pro, some Singapore Airlines tickets to half a dozen destinations, a small bright yellow Piaggio scooter and some rainy day money would all go down just fine.


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