I have some barred locations on my phone line!


Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory
I always liked their flag, even if I can’t call some of them now!

Here’s something I didn’t know, as an Australian with an Optus phone line, I’m not allowed to call certain places. When did this happen?

Because of an increase in the number of unauthorised call activity and modem-jacking incidents Optus has barred all direct dial calls to the following destinations:

  • Diego Garcia
  • São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Guinea-Bissau

If you need to make a call to any of these destinations, contact Optus Customer Service on 133 937, as access to a specific number may be able to be restored.

Alternatively, connections can be made through Operator Services by dialing 1225 (charges apply).

Anybody know anyone in the British Indian Ocean Territory I can call? What about Santo Antonio? Guess I’d better brush up on my Portuguese if I’m going to call someone in Bissau. Wait, I can’t!

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