You’ll need to temporarily disable NoScript to view this video if you use it, and unfortunately it does need Flash. It will be worth it though, a soberingly hilarious video of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show reviewing CNBC [Wikipedia link].

I watched CNBC’s Squawk Box [Wikipedia link] a few times for economics homework a few years ago. It really was painful. Glad to know it wasn’t just me who thought these people were full of hot air, smoke, mirrors and other such whatnot.

The description from the video:

Daily Show: CNBC Gives Financial Advice
CNBC’s Rick Santelli is angry that those loser homeowners are going to get bailed out.

This post doesn’t validate as XHTML 1.0; I just copied the code they gave me. Perhaps one day I’ll figure out how to reformulate this to be standards compliant, but for now I figured the message was more important.

Viva Jon Stewart.