No Twitter makes me chew office furniture


The Twitter bird

It’s the kind of thing where I can hear Jom Kloss and Atuuschaaw cackling in the distance! It’s been another week since I haven’t been able to log into my Twitter account, I’m starting to feel so deprived I’ve started chewing on office furniture and climbing along ceilings.

ASIDE: Did I just call one of my Alaskan friends "Jom Kloss" above? That’s so unlike me, I never make grammar or spelling mistakes from typing too fast without reading things back, especially on a site like this.

Twitter logoI’m thinking it may be worth creating a separate Twitter account called RubenerdBackup or RubenerdDua or JimWasRight or ToddTyrtleHasCoolerNameThanMe to use when my normal account is experiencing technical glitches like this.

I love Twitter, it’s the only so called social network I’ve ever valued enough to use. MySpace and Facebook were passing flings and they creeped me out, but Twitter is so simple and I have so many friends on it. I don’t text message on my phone unless it’s to friends who don’t use Twitter.

I will advise on further developments. Till then, I’d better put nail polish remover on my furniture and perhaps spray some Teflon on the ceiling. I’d be a hilarious comedian if my jokes were funny.

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