Icon from the Tango Desktop ProjectBig Tom shared this article he found interesting from the BBC on Google Reader yesterday.

US nuclear relic found in bottle

A bottle discarded at a waste site in the north-western US contains the world’s oldest sample of bomb- grade plutonium, scientists say.

The headline would have really grabbed my attention by itself, but it’s spooky given that Singapore is also dealing with a dangerous war relic people just found recently:

World War 2 relic found at Clementi Ave 1 construction site

SINGAPORE: There was plenty of police and military activity around Clementi Avenue 1 and Commonwealth Avenue West on Tuesday. The cause for the alarm was an unexploded World War 2 relic.

Experts from the Singapore Armed Forces said it was a Japanese aerial bomb dating from the Second World War.

Icon from the Tango Desktop ProjectUnexploded Japanese relics, weapons grade plutonium in the US… and here I was thinking the oldest example of a dangerous weapon of this grade was a bottle of aged Johnny Walker. A single drop of that stuff can go through lead I’ve been told. It certainly tastes radioactive.

I’ll be sticking to coffee as my beverage of vice along with perhaps a glass of Barossa Valley [Wikipedia] red sometimes, thank you!