Abandoned photo of an abandoned building ramble


An abandoned high rise residential tower

For some reason I find this photo really intriguing. Long forgotten grand ambitions and dreams? The promise of something better? The inevitable decline of human habitats and the subsequent reclamation by nature and the elements? Fuzzy economic idealism versus cold economic reality? There’s a story behind each building like this.

I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned buildings and urban exploring. Perhaps the next break I get I should look into taking my new D60 [Wikipedia link] and my sharp, fast and super lightweight 50mm f/1.8D [Wikipedia link] to places like this. My dad has a 50mm f/1.4 and it’s even AF-S which would obviously autofocus on the D60… he’s evil I tell you! Then again I like trying my skill at manually focusing on inanimate objects and scenes like this anyway.

Icon from the Tango Desktop ProjectThe eerie thing is, this image was as abandoned on my hard drive as the building it depicts is in the non-digital world (that sounded less cheesy in my head). I don’t even know or remember how I found this image, it was in my drafts folder but a cursory search through my browser’s search history yielded no useful results. Perhaps one day I will cross paths with this image somewhere again.

Where is it? When was it taken? The Former Soviet Bloc? Eastern Europe perhaps? I guess it really could be anywhere. Even Singapore has a few abandoned towers if you look hard enough. Pretty easy to find a place like this in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, though KL has more dead construction site shells than abandoned buildings. In some ways they’re even eerier still.

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