Be careful Ruben, you only have 10 seconds


FTP timeout after 10 seconds

Wait whoa whoa, hold on folks… the grace period for entering commands on your FTP server is 10 seconds? You time out after… 10 seconds? You expect me to process your output, make the appropriate decision and enter the next command in… 10 seconds? What if I need to consult something else first?

Who do they think I am, Bill Kurtis?

Unfortunately I’m not, which means for the next hour I’m going to have to login and type in the appropriate directories with every second command entered it seems. This is going to be a very long and gruelling evening.

To all you other computer users who have to connect to FTP servers to upload your work, what’s the silliest grace period time you’ve ever had to deal with? Any other similar tales you’d like to share or get off your chest? Believe me, I could use a laugh right now myself!

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