In the interests of disclosure, you may have noticed the old graphic I had on the side of the site here promoting FreeBSD and the KDE desktop has been replaced. I figured that while I really liked the KDE 3.5.x desktop, I don’t use the 4.x desktop on any of my current machines. Not sure whether that will change, I’m presuming it will, but for now I’m really happy with Xfce. The Xfce desktop is simple, lightweight, and fits all my GTK+ apps nicely.

In it’s place I’m using some Spread FreeBSD graphics which [surprisingly] link to http://www.spreadbsd.org/, a BSD server and desktop advocacy site as well as an advocacy site for the BSD licences themselves.

If you like FreeBSD or PC-BSD (the desktop) you can register for a free affiliate account too which will allow you to keep track of the number of visits your site has generated. You don’t get any money, just a warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping to spread FreeBSD awareness and whatnot, even if (like me) you’re not Bill Kurtis.