Icon from the Tango Desktop ProjectI know one of the so called golden rules of blogging is that for no reason whatsoever should you ever create a blog post that merely describes why you haven’t created blog posts for a specified period of time. Bullhonkey.

Turns out the medication and treatment to deal with my bout of food poisoning last week fixed the problem, but in my weakened state I contracted something else entirely. After feeling like I was starting to get better, in the last 48 hours my throat has been so sore all I’ve been able to eat is strained luke warm broth, multivitamins and water; the doc gave me some steroid treatment to ease the inflammation and another type of antibiotic to bring it under control.

I’ve jokingly said I’m just like my good buddy Felix Tanjono and am always tired, but with this weird thing I’ve been even more tired than usual, probably because I haven’t really been sleeping or eating well.

I have lots of great ideas for blog topics swimming around my head, but it’s been somewhat of an ordeal typing out just this one! I’ll see you all when I’m back on Earth again as it were. Thanks ^_^.