This 14th February whatnot sirs and madams


Jeeves and Wooster!

As I sit here at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Forum on Orchard Road I can’t help but see this confusing mob obsession with flowers and boxes of chocolate I see on people walking past.

Is there some sort of special occasion today? Did they finally fix that awful Ion Orchard mess and get the station working properly again as a result? Heck if that’s what it is I’m all for celebrating too!

I might go to Kinokuniya and treat myself to a new legal thriller novel. Has the latest John Grisham come out in paperback form yet? That’d be sweet. I’d buy another Jeremy Clarkson but I’ve read five of his books in a row so far and need a change. Steven King even has a new one out now too right?

Actually you know what? I might get comfortable on the couch downstairs ans dust off my mum’s copy of the gigantic (in weight, size and hilarity) PG Wodehouse Bertie Wooster anthology and read about his shenanigans with Gussie Finknottle and whatnot. Newts! Sounds like fun.

Happy 14th February, whatever it is.

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