Bummer, tarnation and… and… bummer


Icon from the Tango Desktop ProjectWell isn't that just great, I think I might have food poisoning. I could list the symptoms, but they're not pretty and I think some of the worst I've ever had. I'm sitting upright and sipping water slowly so I'm doing a bit better now.

I'm confused though, according to Wikipedia you're not supposed to eat acidic or fatty food, but on About.com they list Apple as something good. I trust Wikipedia and About.com on computer software and such, but perhaps this is case where I give them a pass!

I'll be waddling down to the GPs office soon, fortunately Shaw House is close to our place. I don't think I could survive a taxi or motorbike trip! In the meantime I'll attempt to occupy myself by working on my W3C compliance… if I busy myself it puts it out of my head. Fortunately I don't have a headache.

My mum had these symptoms from her chemotherapy for… 12 years. I've had this less than 12 hours and I'm already winging on blog posts. Mustn't have got that gene.

UPDATE: Doc says it’s food poisoning, bummer. Fortunately he said I did all the right things. Will be going back on Monday for another checkup. This is called fun!

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