On oxymorons and sustainable business


Some oxymorons are tragic, some are hilarious, most are both!
Some oxymorons are tragic, some are hilarious… most are both.

In the previous post here I talked about how a Universal Music executive was discussing ways to keep growing labels… I'm sorry, I mean the "music industry"! I since went back and checked out some of the comments, and I reckon ordaj was spot on:

Why must there always be growth? Why can’t businesses operate sustainable businesses?

Sustainable business? There are ones that exist, but unfortunately I see that phrase more commonly in lists of humourous oxymorons than in business proposals, especially when we're discussing music labels! Brings to mind others such as the automotive industry too.

This is the problem with current economics and business studies, far too much emphasis is placed on growth as the important factor in determining how a country or business is progressing. I'm not naive enough to say it's not important at all, but it's certainly only one of the many important factors to consider. Such as, I'm not Bill Kurtis.

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