Nikon D60 outside my bedroom

I feel as though I could start a blog dedicated to the science of sleep — I sure talk about it enough here. Perhaps this topic is worthy of a new category even?

This morning I'm having the exact opposite problem to what I normally have: I'm too awake. Last night I went to sleep around 20:00 which is extraordinary early for me, but it unfortunately had the same result it always has: it made me bolt out of bed around 03:00 ready to start a new day! It's 03:40 already and I've had a shower, a bite to eat and tacked a small programming problem that's been gnawing at me for the last few days, and I'm still wide awake.

The ironic thing is, for most of my life I'm tired. Virtually any time of day, if you give me a comfortable pillow to rest my head on, I will doze off. The only time of the day I have trouble sleeping is… late at night. It's as if I'm a nocturnal creature by nature and trying to force a sleeping pattern that's the opposite to that is unnatural and doesn't work. Some people my age are nocturnal because with all the booze filled partying late at night they've conditioned themselves for it, but for me it seemed to happen organically with all my regular day-to-day tasks.

I'd say other than deciding what to do when I finish university and whether I'll finish all my studies in Adelaide after all, figuring out how to sleep properly is currently the biggest problem I'm facing. Nobody should feel tired 100% of the time during the day and only a low percentage at night… at least I don't think they should.

I'm going to figure out how to sleep one of these nights if I have to stay awake all night to do it! I'm not Bill Kurtis.