An unlikely link to the Fedora team in Tunisia


Fedora Tunisia

As I've said before here many times, I like to think of the how-to guides I post here as guides to help myself remember how to do something, with the added benefit that if someone else finds what I've written useful I've been able to help someone else too. My how-to guides are probably far too verbose and contain superfluous images for their own good, but I figure the last thing the world needs is another dry, text-only technical blog right? ^_^

In this case I feel humbled that the Fedora Tunisia team of all folks are listing my guide to using OpenBox with KDE in amongst other recommended guides in their window manager wiki page. I'm afraid I can't speak any Arabic and my limited grasp of the French language restricts me to just saying merci beaucoup!

Reading what I wrote in that post I wrote on the 19th of March 2008 reminded me of just how much attitudes and opinions can change in such a short amount of time. Back then I was primarily a KDE desktop user on FreeBSD who also dabbled in Xfce for his GTK+ (a graphical toolkit) application needs; now with the advent of KDE 4.x I've moved over to GNOME as well as Xfce and more generic vanilla window managers. That's why I love blogs and journals in general; they're a fascinating view into how you used to think… even if it was less than a year ago and even if I'm not Bill Kurtis.

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