Discovering a miracle cure for hotlinking!


Another day, another person hotkinking images I have hosted on my server here. As I've said before I'll often include images from other sources on the net in my own blog posts, but I'll always upload the images to my own server instead so I'm not wasting their bandwidth… I figure it's just common courtesy.

Well as of today the writers at the above linked blog silently uploaded their own copy of the hotlinked image and changed the URL when I submitted a comment.

You do know hotlinking is a sign of the devil right? You’re not possessed are you? ;)

Perhaps that's the key to tackling this problem; instead of sending polite emails that get ignored or at the other extreme blocking all outside requests to images, I should just leave friendly comments on offenders sites! Might not work every time, but it's worth a shot ^_^.

In the meantime they've made up for it with their review of Religulous. I thought it was much better than they did apparently, but they do raise good points. But that's a topic for another show or post. I'm not Bill Kurtis.

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