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Writing about the recent Frome by-election in South Australia made me remember the lower house state elections back in 2006 when I voted for Mark Parnell of the South Australian Greens. To date he's been the only politician aside from Bob Brown who has ever returned a message I sent to them. The again, I suspect many members of parliament don't use those blasted email intertube things :).

Hello Mr Parnell, congratulations to you and The Greens South Australia on your won seat following the March election!

I voted for the Greens because I’m a firm supporter of the principals of your party and am very pleased The Greens now have a voice in South Australian politics. You’ve all done an amazing job and I look foward to hearing about how The Greens are changing South Australia for the better in this term and in the future.

Yours Most Pleased,
Ruben Schade

His reply, less than a few hours later:

Thanks very much Ruben. I was sworn in today – so now it’s down to business.

Mark Parnell
Greens SA Member of Legislative Council

I really admire Mark, being the lone Green in the state must get pretty intimidating! I appreciate his sense of humour; his down to earth approach to interviews and voting; and surprising lack of hot air when discussing issues. We need more people like him.

Not to mention his website is pretty slick!

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