Passing 10,000 plays


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Without realising it, over the weekend I passed 10,000 plays on my profile. That's nothing compared to my sister who's up to 11,119 plays or my dad who's up to 33,154 plays but it's a start!

Let it be known that Rod Picott and The Renovators are independent musicians whom I discovered on Whole Wheat Radio; that Michael Franks is the greatest singer/songwriter of all time; that Paul McCartney is artificially high given I accidently played Dance Tonight on a loop while out of the house; and The Trashmen are at number 2 simply because I've intentionally played Surfin Bird over 470 times. Bird bird bird, the bird is the word. Thank you.

Now I just need to work on a less cheesy profile description. My Whole Wheat one is much better. I'm not Bill Kurtis.

Hello hello, I was born in Sydney and spent the first few years of my life in Australia, but grew up in Singapore and consider it home. I’m now studying in Adelaide Australia but I return to Singapore for holidays and such. Hope to move back permanently to start my own consulting bidness with a high school friend.

I enjoy jazzy music, computer programming, tinkering with unconventional operating systems and software, amateur SLR photography, drinking exotic coffee and tea, aviation, museums, economics, architecture, evolution and humanism, figuring out how things work, reading non fiction books for hours on end, nature hiking and doing all of the above at a good coffee shop… except for that last one!

I’m very quiet and reserved in public, but certainly not online :)

Screenshot of my profile

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