History will judge George W. Bush well. Wait, what?


I generally don't like to get too political on my blog or on Twitter, but given the once in a lifetime circumstances we see ourselves in with the election of President Barack Obama in the United States, I figure I can post a miniaturised epic series of posts here and get away with it. Politics and computer science have more in common than I thought; though that's for another post!

Yesterday evening after I had started penning my previous post about how relieved I am (and I could tell many Singaporeans were too) that Obama is now president, I was surprised to read this tweet by Corrie Bergeron on Twitter:

Reading comments on some blogs today, I wonder where the Bush-haters will turn their vile invective. Must be horrible to have that much hate
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I couldn't resist, I just had to reply to it.

@skydaddy Very few people are worthy of such contempt, but I’m confident that Bush Jr qualifies!
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I can honestly say I was not prepared for the reply.

@Rubenerd I’m sure it tears the haters up that Bush doesn’t care about the hate. He’s a bigger man than that. History will judge him well
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At that point I wasn't sure whether this was denial playing out, or whether it was a carefully and brilliantly worded work of satire. Given history I suspected the former, though I did give a little and admit that not everyone literally hated Bush… I'm positive at least 1% of people around the world will remember him in a positive light!

@skydaddy “History will judge him well.”… oh man my dad, sister and I are roaring with laugher! But I guess some will judge him better
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He replied with some American history which alas I haven't been versed well enough in at this stage.

@Rubenerd Truman was despised, Nixon even more. Time has a way of telling. Nixon was a bad man, but a pretty good President looking back.
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To my American readers, is this statement true? I've heard the names Nixon and Truman thrown around, but know little about their past or their tenures as President. Ask me about former Aussie Prime Minister Paul Keating or former Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and I'm somewhat more informed!

I guess Bush can take some comfort in knowing that 18% approval ratings mean that at least some people liked him. Just not the vast majority of the world! Did I mention I was relieved Obama is president now?

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