thinks this blog is about Management?

Internet categorises this blog as… management?

While checking my server records I noticed I was getting a few hits from It seems they added my blog to their database and filed me under "miscellaneous" and "management". Funny how my blog has as much to do with management as an echidna would have to do with a large shoehorn, but there you go. The miscellaneous tag I'm not disputing, but then again wouldn't every self respecting blogger have more than a few miscellaneous posts in their blog that were off the primary topic?

Anyway they've given me a bunch of HTML to include to verify that this is my blog. I'm not going to put it in my template file (on principal and because I don't want advertising on here), so putting it here is the next best thing. By encapsulating their code into a simple blockquote on a post I also keep my stuff and their stuff separate and apart. That's right, separate and apart, at the same time. You'd better believe it.

Rubenerd Blog - Blogged

Yet another example of a blog post I could have condensed into just one sentence, it didn't need to be this long. Grilled cheese sandwiches.

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