Perhaps 2009 isn’t a complete write off yet


Singapore 2009 New Year Fireworks by Marco Weduwer
Singapore 2009 New Year Fireworks by Marco Weduwer.

I was about ready to write off 2009 already after so many problems I had been having, but within 24 hours the year seems to have redeemed itself. Perhaps I'll be able to live through this year after all!

Starting from the 1st of January, the following internet problems had sprouted, but since Friday they've all been fixed. Phew.

  1. Code injection attack (fixed)
  2. Twitter account password failure (fixed)
  3. Ourmedia account failure (no reply, moved to Internet Archive, fixed)
  4. Grilled cheese sandwich maker firing out waffles instead (punched, fixed)
  5. Couldn’t find Haskell book (finally found at Borders)
  6. University blog database corrupted from old plugin (cleaned, fixed)

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