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Larger version of cover art

For those of you who subscribe to my blog but not nessisarily my podcast, there's finally a fresh new Rubenerd Show available for your listening pleasure, Episode 260! You can subscribe to the RSS Feed if you like what you hear.

I gave up waiting for Ourmedia to get back to me after I emailed them 7 times with not even a peep back. We had some good times guys, but if you're going to repeatedly ignore me I don't have a choice :-(.

These Ourmedia problems may have been a blessing is disguise though for I rediscovered the joy of dealing with the Internet Archive. Not only can I upload my audio to their servers and add metadata, but they also allow other files to be uploaded into the same media container. What this means is I can upload the cover art graphics I create for each episode and they appear alongside the description, very nice.

ASIDE: Conveniently because Ourmedia used the Internet Archive as a backend for their file storage, if you do a search for Ruben Schade you can see all my Ourmedia material anyway!

One thing I need to learn how to do though is figure out if it's possible to have my material listed in the Audio Podcasts collection instead of Open Source Audio. It's not that I don't like being listed in Open Source Audio, far from it: in fact I love having my material being described as such. I think Audio Podcast is more appropriate though and might get me slightly better exposure.

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