Ten fresh Rubenerd fun facts!


Fun Facts!

It’s been several long months since we’ve had another Rubenerd Fun Facts post… so here are another ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts! As I’ve mentioned previously, all these facts are irrefutable and 110% true.

If you missed them, feel free to refer to the previous Rubenerd Fun Facts posts (part one, part two, part three, part four). And as usual, feel free to take notes.

  1. While laughter is an excellent medicine, it’s a poor substitute for sleep.

  2. Due to a single letter misprint in a brochure in 1996, thousands of tourists flocked to DBS Bank branches in Singapore expecting to find duty free products.

  3. The words "mangrove" and "Fokker 50" have no numbers in common.

    Fokker 50 photo by Wikipedia user YSSYguy

  4. No two forks jabbed into power sockets will generate identical electrical sparks.

  5. While keyboards with [RETURN] keys are inherently more reliable than keyboards with [ENTER] keys, keyboards with half note keys are more reliable still.

  6. Dubious facts becomes true if you shout them.

    Bill O'Reilly

  7. The "if" statement is often confused with the "not getting paid enough for this" statement by inexperienced programmers.

  8. Ergonomics experts in Switzerland agree that cereal is more easily eaten with a butter knife than chopsticks.

  9. The time it takes to recharge a mobile phone is inverse to the time you have between realising you didn’t charge your phone and when you need to leave the house.

    iPhone battery status indicator

  10. There has never been a New Zealander called Larly Browkart.

  11. Common sense is a wishful phrase, not a statement of the pervasiveness of certain views in society.

  12. Despite her exhausting occupation, Siesta from Zero No Tsukaima claims she never has had one.

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