A reference reference to a J-Walk reference


You know your blog has gone up in the world when you've been linked to on the J-Walk Blog, and you know your blog has gone up even further in the world when a blog post from your blog is featured in it's own separate entry on the J-Walk Blog!. Did I mention it's the J-Walk Blog and link to it?

From the 9th of December 2008:

Rubenerd combines three topics into a single blog post: On Google Reader, the iPhone and J-Walkyness.

By the way, if you’re ever in a bookstore, go to the spreadsheet books section and adjust the display such that my books are facing out. Even if you have to move some of the other books to the Religion section to make room. I do it, Rebenerd does it, and you should do it.

And because it's the J-Walk Blog I'm not even offended that he didn't spell the name of my blog properly in the last line!

His assertion is true, I did in fact take said Excel book and put it in front of a stack of other books, and I've been making it a habit of doing so. Jean Luc Picard would be pleased with that last line.

Curiously if you do a search for Rubenerd J-Walk in Google, you get exactly 1,110 hits. I'm not sure if that's a decimal number or whether Google is telling me 14 in binary. Heck it could even be 4,368 in hexadecimal. That definitely sounds more impressive than 14, let's just leave it at that.

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