My phantom Ourmedia account is a phantom


my Ourmedia Links
My Ourmedia links page kinda works, but my linked profile page doesn't even exist :(

One of the things I'm doing in the process of moving off my current web host which has gone down the gurgler is reorganising my media files, specifically those for the Rubenerd Show. Turning out to be much more work than I thought though, as I discussed in the previous post!

The Rubenerd Show is a prime candidate to be hosted on the Internet Archive linked Ourmedia website becuase I allow Creative Commons licencing and remixing of my work, but unfortunately I'm having trouble accessing my account again… but not all of it.

For example, if you browse the home page for my profile at you're presented with a series of search boxes as if my account doesn't exist. Despite this you can still view my links page and my local blog posts everything is peachy. Clicking on any of the media files or any of the links to my profile page renders the same 404 page with search boxes. Bummer.

I've emailed Ourmedia technical support, but unlike in the past where I got a really friendly answer within a few hours it seems this time I have no such luck. I suspect they're taking Christmas off, in which case I'll get off their case for now :).

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