Oh no, it’s an Adelaide rambling post!


Boatdeck Cafe, Mawson Lakes
The Boatdeck Cafe in Mawson Lakes, taken this morning

As far as I know I haven't done a rambling post like this for several months which I'm sure you were all very relieved about. Not any more!

Yes I'm sitting at the Boatdeck Cafe with a ridiculously large cup of coffee and several ideas churning through my head which I just can't separate out logically when I'm having such a buzz. Think of it this way, in your blog aggregator or on the website you're reading several condensed posts in one. It's as if a regular post is a normal strength coffee, and this post is a triple or quadruple shot espresso targeting your eyes and brain. Should I be putting a health warning on this? For that matter should I be putting warnings on everything here?

Today is the last full day both my sister and I are having here in Adelaide before we go back to Singapore for the summer holidays. Though technically Singapore is in the Northern Hemisphere by a couple of degrees so it would be the winter holidays over there, but the last time I checked, a year round tropical climate with only artificial indoor snow really doesn't count as winter. It doesn't count as winter here in Australia either but that's because we're like Brazil and South Africa, we're too cool to play by the Northern Hemisphere's rules. Well actually too hot to play by the rules, because we'd only be cool in winter, which of course isn't happening.

We have so much to do, but fortunately the most difficult things have already been taken care of. My father is a person who works much better under pressure; that's a politically correct way of saying he leaves things until the last minute! My late mum was the exact opposite, she had to have her bags packed and next to the door a full week before any trip. I'm somewhere in the middle; I hate frantically dashing around when I've forgotten to do something in my preparations, but it's inevitable that some does end up happening.

ASIDE: Like accidently pouring too much shampoo in the shower and it gets on the floor and then you slip on it and hit your head on the roughly cut masonry wall. Fortunately it hasn’t affected anything serious like my short term memory.

Onto other matters, given it's my sister's and my last day in Adelaide we're celebrating in different ways. It's 10:25AM and I've been up for many hours already, have had coffee and gone on a walk around Mawson Lakes which is a really, really good thing to do first thing. The benefit is by exercising a little, I only absorb 95% of the kilojoules from the gigantic Betty Blue Sea of Espresso instead of 100% which I'm positive will do wonders for my health and well being.

I was positive "well being" was one word, but for some reason the spell checker doesn't like it. Then again this spell checker doesn't like "colour", "customise", "flavour" or "Schade" either, so what would it know? Wow, look at all those red underlined words.

Boatdeck Cafe, Mawson Lakes
The Boatdeck Cafe in Mawson Lakes, taken this morning

As I typed that last line, a little kid and her mum were walking out of the cafe as the kid was exclaiming she wanted to pay! She wanted to pay! It's just as my parents told me, you desperately want to grow up and be mature as a child until you do actually grow up and realise how much better you had it before. It's a bit cruel when you think about it!

ASIDE: It was also cruel when I accidentally poured too much shampoo in the shower and it got on the floor and then I slipped on it and hit my head on the roughly cut masonry wall. Fortunately it hasn’t affected anything serious like my short term memory.

I've noticed one thing about living in Australia that's very different from living in Singapore, and it's related to habits. One thing I've noticed is common with people in Singapore is that guys tend to take their wallet out and put it on the table, usually with their mobile phone on top into a nice expensive please-steal-this sandwich. I admit I started doing this too though because it makes sitting down so much more comfortable! Here though I'm a bit more wary of doing this, but then again I might have been affected by slipping in the shower and hitting my head. Fortunately it hasn't affected anything serious.

I have so much to do today, but instead I'm filling out a disjointed, rambling blog post that is discussing virtually nothing that I had originally intended it to. In other words, it has been a complete success!

Because the one thing I try to do here and on my show is I strive for professionalisn. Did I just misspell "professionalism"? How deliciously ironic! Ironic sounds like a brand of iodised hair tonic. Why you would buy ionised hair tonic I have no idea. I'm sure a shampoo company could market it as a special, extra super duper healthy alternative with no evidence to support it, but then again they never do need evidence do they? Shampoo… now where have I written about that before?

Good morning everyone :).

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