A Soup.io kitchen for Pownce users


Soup welcome and import page for Pownce users
Soup welcome and import page for Pownce users

Sorry for the downright awful heading, it was the best I could come up with having not slept for 48 hours. You know how it is.

I've been telling friends stranded in lifeboats with their exported data after the sinking of Pownce (all three of them!) to grab themselves a Twitter account, add me and join in the never ending fun conversations. Unfortunately as far as I know Twitter doesn't include an option to import previous messages you might have exported from Pownce. If it were me I wouldn't mind, I talk far too much anyway… this is an undisputed fact. Why even these last two sentences have been completely superfluous and unnecessary. Make that the last three sentences.

An alternative is the alternative rich microblogging site Soup.io which has created an import feature specifically for former Powncers. From their Updates account:

Last week, Pownce surprisingly gave their users two weeks notice – they’re shutting down the service on December 15 after having being acquired by SixApart.
We’ve built this migration tool to offer abandoned Powncers a new home. We even added another post type to be able to properly import everything.

Their easy to remember http://www.soup.io/pownce page has the importer. As far as I can tell, you don't even need to be logged in or have an account at all, pretty nice. They're also accepting feedback.

I created a Soup.io account, but as of yet I haven't used it for anything. I absolutely applaud them though for bucking the trend with Web 8.0 businesses or whatever version they're up to yet by using a name that's SPELLED PROPERLY. Even in 1997 I was worried about the name "Rubenerd" being a concatenation of Ruben and Nerd, but at least that's not just misspelled for the sake of being misspelled.

See I think that's why Pownce failed, "Powncers" just doesn't sound as cute as "Twitterers" or "Tweeters". If you're a Soup user, does that make you "Souper duper?". I think I'll soup now. STOP NOW, I meant to say I think I'll stop now. Pownce.

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