Pownce exported me a 404 error screen


The Pownce export notice on the Settings page
The Pownce export notice on the Settings page

Last week I talked about the closure of Pownce, my last message on Pownce, and the fact I had used the new export feature on Pownce. I'm only two sentences into this post and I've used the word Pownce three times. No wait, four times. Including the title, five times. Wait, I forgot the image above: seven times. Pownce.

This afternoon I finally received my long awaited and highly anticipated email letting me know my data was exported and ready for download.

Your export files are complete.

You may download your files at:

Please stop by as soon as possible to pick up your files. Once Pownce is closed, on December 15, these files will no longer be available.

The Pownce Crew

There's just one problem; upon clicking the aforementioned link and logging in, I'm presented with the alien error page instead!

The Pownce 404 notice screen thingy
The Pownce 404 notice screen thingy

I guess they're dealing with a lot of traffic this afternoon, or morning, or whatever time it is. I don't understand time zones. I mean I understand them, I've just never been able to wrap my head around how someone on one side of the planet can be experiencing a completely different time of day to myself. It makes sense without making any sense if that makes any more sense.

I'm still trying to decide what I'll use my exported Pownce file for. Could you imagine if all the hundreds of Pownce messages were imported into this blog, one message per post? What a deliciously disastrous and utterly unusable idea :). I guess I could create a sub category to contain them, and have them not appear in any RSS feeds except for that category feed.

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