Making Firefox 3 look like a Mac browser


In response to Google Reader's altered interface that made it much more difficult to use, I've reluctantly started using Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser on my MacBook Pro again. My opinion that Camino is the single greatest Mac browser on the planet remains unchanged, but for the time being I need a browser that has Greasemonkey or other user scriptable capabilities so I can keep using Reader.

Having really only used the Firefox 3.x series lightly in the past, moving over to it now made my appreciate how un-Mac like the interface has become and how much extra screen real estate it takes up without any discernible extra functionality when compared to Safari or Camino with UnifyCamino. Fortunately Firefox is skinnable, so I figured I could make it look more like a Mac app and reclaim some screen real estate. Unfortunately there were so many different Mac-like skins in's Add-on database I didn't know where to start!

ASIDE: I never thought I’d use the words "fortunately" and "skinnable" in the same sentence! It seems with Gmail, Google Reader and Firefox I’m using their skinning features to return them to a previous state when they were far more usable. It’s kind of ironic when you think about.

After installing and uninstalling theme after theme (after theme after theme…), I narrowed down what I consider to be the best authentic looking Mac themes to this handful here.

Default Firefox 3.x theme
I figured I’d put the default Safari and default Firefox 3.x theme here for comparison.

GrApple Yummy Blue and Graphite
These themes by Aronnax from are perfect: they reclaim veritable swaths of screen real estate (say what?) and they make Firefox look Safari and Mac like. The Firefox team needs to include this as the default theme.

GrApple Delicious Blue and Graphite
Variations on the above themes with more traditional Mac tabs. I prefer the above because they’re smaller and look more modern, but you may Think Different.

Camifox for 3.1b1 and for 3.0.x
This theme uses the same gorgeous colours and icons of Camino, though it takes up a bit more screen real estate. It certainly is tempting though :)

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