Gordon Haff’s Pervasive Datacentre review


Gordon Haff's Pervasive Datacentre
The best CNET blog you may or may not be reading

Given I've been unabashedly brown nosing and sucking up to tech writers of late, I figure doing it again won't sink me any further. Besides, talking about interesting people in a positive way is such a refreshing thing to do after sadly discussing all the nonsense going on around the world right now. I could get used to doing this!

I am well and truly addicted to a ton of CNET News and ZDNet Australia material; I am subscribed to no less than 12 of their feeds. The real gems aren't in their general homepage feeds though, but rather in the individual feeds of some of their writers, some of which I hope to talk about more in the future.

My favourite CNET writer by far though is Gordon Haff who writes the Pervasive Datacenter blog, buried an unceremonious 32 links down on CNET's News and Tech Blogs page. He discusses enterprise systems as well as free and open source software on the desktop and server, alongside some well thought out opinion pieces and some general how-tos he's picked up (in other words, the exact material I'd be talking about right here on my blog if I stayed focused rather than deviating into an assortment of other topics all the time!).

If you have a feed reader set up and ready to go, you can subscribe to his RSS feed here. He's also provided links for Google Reader and My Yahoo!.

Some of my favourite articles of his in the last few weeks where he's hit the issues right on the head:

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