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I hate to write a post that merely references the comments submitted on an earlier post, but in this case I really think I need to, if only because detailed comments just don't get as much exposure on a blog, and that people who read my blog through an RSS aggregator such as Google Reader or NetNewsWire wouldn't have seen it.

Randy Fullerton (aka Atuuschaaw on Whole Wheat Radio) from Mitakuye Oyasin has posted an incredibly salient comment on my latest post where I discussed my sleeping troubles (Google Reader at 3am: sleep related stories).

I’ve heard some people speak of pharmaceuticals as nothing more than controls of conformity. For jet-lagged business people whose biological clocks never have time to self-adjust due to the hours spent in flight…give ‘em some drugs to reset the clock. For those shift workers, those who work swing shifts, or at least a graveyard shift…give them some drugs as well. We must produce! When we alter our natural clock and turn off or confuse our more primal self…what else do we alter? I’m thinking loading the iPhone with some good music, mixed with a walk would be much more beneficial. ;-)

Going with the flow of the natural clock can be very rewarding…but only if one finds this option available to them. I know about conforming and making concessions to survive…now I find myself with the opportunity to tear down some of those fences built from a lifetime of social models of conformity. It feels really good to follow the natural patterns…it’s just these patterns are not always easy to recognize or understand! I think that is because our hard drive has been formatted for a particular OS, and once we go open source we are bewildered at first, and there is a learning curve. But the good part is, it gets easier as time goes on!

Movie quote: (”When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went.”) ;-)

It's always slightly intimidating to reply to Randy because you know you just can't beat his literary flair or style, but I tried my best :). If you have something to add, feel free to join the conversation!

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