Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts, part three


Fun Facts!

It's been just over a week since we've had another Rubenerd Fun Facts post… so here are another ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts! As I've mentioned previously, all these facts are irrefutable and 110% true.

If you missed them, feel free to refer to the previous Rubenerd Fun Facts posts (part one, part two) and my post where I ecstatically reported my purchase of David Letterman's Late Show Fun Facts book. And as usual, feel free to take notes.

  1. The first Model T Ford to roll off the assembly line was fluorescent pink.
  2. It is illegal in Western Australia to walk in the outback if you wear a hat with corks.
  3. No two eco laundry balls are the same.

  4. The felony charge were named after Sergeant Albert Witherbottom Felony after he admitted in 1889 to taking photos of a woman’s ankles.
  5. Carets are not edible.
  6. Frank Nora is paid $1 million by the Illuminati each quarter to advance the Old World Order agenda.

  7. For a brief period of time in October 1672, nothing interesting happened.
  8. Atheists automatically get into heaven because God loathes suck ups!
  9. Exhaustive testing by the American Environmental Protection Agency has conclusively proven that the bird is indeed the word.

  10. The name Henry is short for Henrietta.
  11. Due to a "programming error", Microsoft Money siphons small change from millions of bank accounts it is set up to monitor by customers.
  12. Every time you use the acronym LOL, a brain cell somewhere in your head dies.

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