Wordle is a Java web application that intelligently generates gorgeous word clouds from text you provide, sans common English words. It can be an RSS or Atom feed from a website, a generic webpage or even just a slab of text you enter in yourself. It is a brilliant way to visualise what someone has been talking about.

My RSS feed for the Rubenerd Blog is configured to share the last 40 items, so this is a Wordle for these said items:

Wordle for the Rubenerd Blog after 1000 posts

If you have never heard of Wordle before, I must warn you against using it. Not only is it terribly addictive but it will take up your entire afternoon. You'll even start creating Wordles for other people's sites; this Wordle is for my list of artists from my Music to Explore on Whole Wheat Radio:

Artists from my Music to Explore list on Whole Wheat Radio