They listened! DBS no longer supporting FOTF


DBS Bank Singapore Christmas 2008 promotion page accessed this morning

UPDATE: I may have spoken prematurely: they may still be supporting FOTF after all. Bummer. Will be keeping an eye on this.

After no doubt responding to a deluge of complaints from a lion's share of the Singaporean blogging community, DBS Bank seems to have backtracked on their pledge to automatically donate funds to the ultra-conservative Focus on the Family organisation whenever customers use their DBS credit cards at selected shopping centres this holiday season. If you browse to the exact page I referenced in my first post on the subject, you'll notice that any references to FOTF have been removed from their Christmas 2008 promotion.

I suspect DBS wanted to show some goodwill, but didn't realise what dark motives the organisation they decided to support really has. At least that's what I would like to think.

Regardless though, this is fantastic news and I suspect a real boon for the majority of DBS Bank's customers. I graciously applaud DBS's decision and have decided to keep my POSB and DBS accounts. I will advise my family and friends in Singapore that it is safe to use their DBS cards after all.

Xie xie! :)

Countdown to 1000 posts, thank you everyone!

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