iPhone 2.2 makes MobileSafari usable again!


The only downside to the new MobileSafari is the permanent Google search box stealing space from the main web address bar. It's not so bad in landscape mode.

The iPhone 2.2 update really has made this device I'm typing on now even more of a pleasure to use. Aside from the downright bizarre new layout for MobileSafari's toolbar, all the new features such as Google Street View (amazing), the podcast downloader (even if you are limited to 10MiB on a phone network connection) and a few helpful tweaks to the home button and to enable/disable auto correction are right on the money. You can listen to Rubenerd Show 257 to hear more about my experiences with the 2.2 update.

None of the features though are what I was most excited about, I was exited about what this update fixed.

At the risk of invoking Murphy's Law and forever jinxing this device, I can say that one of the primary advertised fixes bundled in the iPhone 2.2 update has worked. Since updating I've been able to use MobileSafari to browse all sorts of pages without it crashing at all. It has done wonders for my sanity.

As I mentioned in a previous post (Only problem so far with the iPhone: MobileSafari) before the iPhone 2.2 update MobileSafari would incessantly crash without warning, and it seemed to be getting worse. While it seemed to crash for no apparent reason sometimes, more often it would struggle with rendering larger pages or pages that used HTML forms or Ajax. Curiously it was the only iPhone application that ever crashed on me, and that includes all the third party apps I downloaded from the app store!

As I relegate more duties from my mammoth MacBook Pro to my iPhone, I'm finding myself using more tabs (or whatever they're called in this case) in MobileSafari to multitask. The relief I feel now that I can be confident MobileSafari won't crap out on me is overwhelming.

Thank you Apple for fixing this, it's a fantastic Yule present! Now if you folks could just allow another browser access to this device… say, oh I don't know… Opera then you've got my birthday covered too.

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