DBS Bank’s support for Focus on the Family


Below is my letter to DBS Bank in Singapore regarding their latest Christmas holiday promotion which I'll be sending when I arrive back in Singapore in early December.

Ruben Schade
16 Balmoral Park
Singapore 228519
DBS Bank
6 Shenton Way, DBS Building Tower One
Singapore 068809

To whom it may concern,

Focus on the Family DBS credit card donations

I am writing to you to voice my grave concern over your company’s pledge to donate a "sum" of money to Focus on the Family for every 300 Singapore Dollars spent with DBS cards at selected shopping centres. While your company’s stated aim of donating funds to "a charity dedicated to helping children and families thrive." is enviable and motivated by a desire to help others less fortunate, I fear it may be misguided.

AIDS Awareness Focus on the Family is a conservative Christian organisation that spreads disinformation about safe sex practices which has cost countless lives, that persecutes homosexuals and perpetrates homophobia, and that refuses the right for women to make their own choices concerning their own reproductive systems.

While Focus on the Family’s Singapore chapter does indeed help children, they do not represent the moral views held by all of your customers. I believe there are far more culturally sensitive organisations that do not just subscribe to — and represent the views of — one religion you could be presenting your donations to, particularly given the multicultural and inclusive nature of Singaporean society.

After many years as an extremely satisfied POSB and DBS customer, I will be advising my family and friends here in Singapore to use alternative forms of payment this holiday season if they choose to shop at the shopping centres designated by your promotion.

Peace, health and happiness,
Ruben Schade

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