Ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts, part two


Fun Facts!

Given it's just another manic Monday over here (and in short order in the rest of the world) I figured I'd post another 10 Rubenerd Fun Facts to help us all get through it a little easier. As I've mentioned previously, all these facts are irrefutable and 110% true.

If you missed them, feel free to refer to the first Rubenerd Fun Facts post and my post where I ecstatically reported my purchase of David Letterman's Late Show Fun Facts book. And as usual, feel free to take notes.

  1. People who wear socks that don’t match are statistically more likely to trip on their own shoelaces.
  2. Maybach lost its court case with Chrysler to advertise as the company that produces the world’s ugliest vehicles.
  3. Artist Jim Gleason has himself suffered numerous bad starts.

  4. No two letters are more than 90 characters apart in the Roman, Greek or Cyrillian alphabets.
  5. The words interchangeable and exchangeable are.
  6. The first belt sander was peddle powered.

    Photo by the ShahMai Network

  7. A salt water crocodile has never been Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  8. Under a Queensland state law passed in 1921, gherkins cannot be hollowed out and used as pens to sign government documents.
  9. Due to a glitch in Satan’s Windows Server systems in mid 2005, Hell briefly sent non-Wiccans to heaven.

    Photo by the ShahMai Network

  10. The F6 key is the second most pointless key after FN according to Swiss productivity experts.
  11. Ruben Schade once flew on the wings of love but was arrested for not lodging an appropriate flight plan or possessing an aviation licence.
  12. People with blue hair are more likely to have used dyes.

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